Modern Arcade Typefaces? [Stasmic?]

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I'm working on the Front End for a modern arcade game. Something similar to SEGA's 'Afterburner Climax', and i'm looking for heading and body fonts.

I like the italic, smooth feel of Ray Larabie's Stasmic but i'm worried it may be a little too light and difficult to read, even as a heading font.

Anyone fancy suggesting some suitable heading/title and body fonts?

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Ray would likely be willing to do a custom version for you. He comes from a games design background, so could probably work out the right licensing model too.

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Have you checked the equivalent Dafont theme section?

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The Feisar and Feisar Express families have been developed especially to mix arcade sensibilities with good readability. Feisar comes in a nice range of weights from Extra Light to Bold for added flexibility. And although not shown on the website, a range of pixel variants are available too. :)

-Paul van der Laan

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Thanks for all your comments.

@ sii

We have actually used Ray before so a custom font is an option.

@ Fontgrube

Yes, that's where I found Stasmic.

@ PvdL

I find Feisar/Feisar Express a little too "alien/retro" for what i'm doing with this front end. On the other hand, I'm not looking for something too futuristic either. (Excuse the link, I can't work out the correct tags >.<)

Body text? I'm thinking perhaps Century Gothic Italic, though i'm far from convinced.

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I'd probably recommend Neuropol. It's techy/alien without being too complicated you cant read it. I've seen a show on Discovery or the History Channel use it exclusively for the intro to some program.

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