Cube logo

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I was trying to make something creative. Don't know if I made it well. What do you think about this logo?

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My first thought, semantic though it is, was that you have made a square not a cube.
Having said that i do quite like what you have done.
To my eyes the c and u work best with the internal and external squares.
The b and e could probably benifit from a bit of tweaking.
Have you considered making the whole thing as a 3d object with the letter squares being a seperate cube - kind of like a typographers childs letterblock?


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hey, yes I was thinking about it and this is what I am gonna do.

I know that I have made a square, but these are similar shapes, the difference is in dimension (2D vs 3D)

But still I will try making 3D letters

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Simple (and too predictable a concept), but nice, brave take on a custom font.

Would really love to see a more cubic execution..

I'd post one when I get around it.



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