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Hello again

Just came back from holidays and a lot of work is waiting.
One of them it is about a freelancer whose subject is "space sculpting".
Actually she is making the work of an interior designer but she also
works for public places as squares and monuments.
So she is arranging the space in an artistic and functional way, let's say.

As you see I have two solutions.
In Aii the idea is to use the 5 colours you see and each time to apply one of them as a background colour of the media.
The sequence of the colours remains the same but the "colour-bar" moves as one of the colours becomes the same with background.

I am looking forward to read your comments.


space 1

space 2

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Your solutions on the top left convery the idea of space better than the other two. Top right looks like a graphic designer or web designer's identity. The bottom solutions talk more about architecture, engineering, or drafting (but not so successfully, in my opinion)

In your top right designs, you use Gill Sans (?). I think that this is a much better type treatment than the Helvetica in the top left.

So, I'd like to see the top left with Gill Sans, and more airyness or space somehow

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Hi Dan. I think you are right about the choice of types. Gills work better, and sure the most conveying solution to the subject is the top left one.

Furthermore i see now that i should add this information to my introduction: The customer has a special system to approach the customer's needs. She is letting them making a wide variety of generic choices such as favorite colour, book, place etc. so then she can accustom her work depending on the character of the customer. The 2nd solution is inspired from this process (maybe in a complicated way -so not suxessfuly).


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excellent. change diagonals in uc/lc K to match K in logo.

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