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Hello again.

I've been working extensively (overtime) on a logo for a new NYC advertising firm/agency/company. It's gone through a scary amount of revisions and I almost want to just scrap everything and start again.

This is one of the toughest logos I've worked on to date. My client asked for something that looks modern, powerful, edgy/rebellious, sexy, and razor-sharp (to symbolize the cutthroat industry).

But he also wants a stylized infinity loop—which seems like a no brainer, but it's been one of the most difficult things to make unique... and I am trying to integrate it somehow with the logotype so that it doesn't seem so disconnected. I'm currently frustrated at how hard it is to put a loop anywhere on the logo without it seeming unbalanced or weird.

The logo must have "Infinity Advertising" in it, which makes a for a loooong logo when not tightly kerned or stacked. Well, take a look at what I've got for this round of revisions:

I loved #1, but I couldn't make an infinity loop that looked good next to it, so I tried to make one around it. The IA mark is something both my client and I really love because it's so "perfectly modern" as my client says, but again, I cannot match a loop with that severely sharp point on the A.

An idea struck me for making the loop play between the Y and A, so I attempted it first with a hand-made slab serif type in #3. Then I tried out different weights and finally a more sans-serif variant (but I'm afraid that the ultra thick weight of #6 along with how geometric it is makes it look too constructivist/soviet). I actually like #3 the most since it doesn't have the connecting bar.

#7 was just a completely different direction, trying to make a stylized, classy loop with some Gill Sans logotype. I think it is too typical and makes me think of a university. I dunno. I've been looking at this stuff for way too long.

Sorry for such a huge first post! Hoping to get some critiques and suggestions. Thank you very much.

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I like #1 and #4 but if I was the advertising company I would probably go with #1 b/c it looks 'edgy'. However, I think the infinity concept makes sense to do. #4 sort of looks celtic and I don't like the 'g' at the end.

#2 could look cool if the loop circled around 'advertising' as well. Maybe the loop can go down into the 'v', loop around 'ertising' then come back up top and connect to the 'y'.

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I like the design process and the thinking that went behind this. Definitely a tough task at hand..

Personally, #1 has the best typography, clean and crisp. The razor-blades of the Y-A: nice and rebel-sexy too. (Perhaps a 'y' (compared to 'Y') with that right legtail slant is better to balance A's right leg?)

An infinity-symbol is almost a prerequisite with a name like 'infinity'. No surprise. Where to incorporate it? #2 is too overpowering.

Something subtle like fujitsu's would do better, but how do we make that unique..?

One suggestion is to optimise the 'ini' and 'isi' in the name itself. Perhaps, putting the infinity symbol in between a stacked infinity and advertising could work. Not sure the balance and weight, though and the kerning would be another bugbear..?

Just my two cents,

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Yeah, I did not bother with kerning very well in any of the concepts, and I have all but scrapped every concept besides #1 as of now. Currently, I am really veering towards stacking Infinity on top of Advertising. Now it can sport an infinity loop next to it like #7, or just have a disembodied loop somewhere else. I will try and explore your suggestions tomorrow, Nagfa, and thank you for the feedback, MrKikkoman.

There's three variations of this and all of them have to do with the slants and spacing of the legs of the A and the V. I've also altered the R to be more solid and less top heavy.

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I think the wider 'a' works if you want to go with this approach. However, I think you can try shortening the length of the 'a'. It seems unbalanced right now to me because of it. Also, it looks like the kerning improved.

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5 and 6 are my fav

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I like #3 of your latest post the most. By stacking both words, the little cuts in 'N' and 'Y' get emphazised in a very likable way. Nevertheless I think that 'ADVERTISING' is too tight. Allthough it is part of the company name it is also the name of the branch and therefore I would like to see it slightly thinner and looser and if necessary also smaller in size.

Regarding to your older versions: #2 looks really conflicting. #3--#6 are unnecessarily hard to read. #7 looks boring compared to your latest approach.

Keep on working on your current version. I can really understand your thoughts on long company names and the difficulty of reproducing them in a good logo. I think you are on the right way.

Btw: The symbol is great. Maybe try to increase the size of the letters -- maybe they are already perfect ... I'm not very sure about this.

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#2 for me, but only if the loop was way lighter

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MrKikkoman — you are right, I worked on the kerning. Thanks for that observation. (: I feel what you mean about the A's stem being so extreme and I'll give a shot at shortening it.

Simplicious — thank you for the feedback. Which symbol are you referring to? The IA in the circle? Anyways, I worry about spacing out the letters in "Advertising" because after resizing, it will all but disappear underneath "Infinity." I kerned all the letters when they were at the same size and then resized Advertising to go under Infinity. Could this be creating a problem?

And yeah, #2 was actually a very fast experiment using a thick loop I had originally tried to make as the disembodied, floating infinity symbol. It does look super conflicting, but by itself, I was going after a serpentine quality. Reasoning behind a poorly prepared concept, hah.

A part of me believes there is a simpler, more minimal approach to all of this hiding somewhere still. It's not a big firm. In fact, it's very new. I feel this absolute need to reflect a certain amount of freshness about it, and so far the strongest inclination I've had has been to pair it down to the essential "IA" and nothing else. Perhaps I could keep the IA but compliment it next to a different kind of logotype where appropriate.

Thank you everyone for the feedback thus far.

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I like the Y/infinity/A ligature. I think that's definitely an approach to focus on. I think the slab serifs might be distracting, though. I'd simplify the letterforms to put the focus back on the name itself and the ligature in the middle. I think #6 is getting there.

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i also found #6 compelling. just thought the EV was way too distracting and unnecessary--also unbalanced in that the same treatment doesn't exist on the other side anyway.

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At this moment, I'd like to retry the ligature/y&a loop thing soon. I've already come up with a new rough sketch... the problem now is replicating it in Illustrator without spending hideous amounts of time on something that may not ultimately work. Right now, it looks like an eloquent, slightly-decorative type (not all uppercase this time) with drops/foilage on various termini. Think "Zag" made by FontFabric, only italicized. The y&a ligature looks highly attractive and readable in such a style if I do say so myself.

As I was sketching, I also came up with a way to integrate a lowercase, double-decker "a" with an infinity loop and the result is very exciting—it's one of those things that needs a whole lot of refinement, though it feels like a brand new idea.

The only disturbing thing about these ideas is that I feel they're both far from being "razor-sharp." Perhaps with more fine-tuning. I will try and put up some scans tomorrow.

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I'm finding this a little too much show and tell with the word infinity and the infinity symbol. I recently drew a similar infinite ligature for a client with the word "ETERNALS" in the RN slot. At the end of the day we chucked it for the same reason, though I think here even more so. It is the obvious solution and what does that say about a creative services company?

If you do decide to keep the infinity symbol (you know your client best), I'd make the word advertising way less emphasized. Infinity is the interesting part of this. I might try and italic where the f is "infinite". Also, consider making any infinite ligatures the only modified letters. eg The VE lig is not helping in the slab version above.

How else can you illustrate infinity? How can you push your client to be more creative? The IA marks also may have legs.

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Thank you, Randy, for the wonderful feedback, and for being honest. What do you mean by the IA marks also having legs? Legs to stand on?

At this time, I'm sketching up a wordmark solely based on "Infinity" while "advertising" can rest mostly dormant underneath, but still there simply for reassurance and identity.

I realize that this project is much like my Apollo Lighting one, right down to the illustrative/mythical first name followed by a regular household, slightly mundane word with a -ing suffix. Interesting. And the solution is almost turning into the same (big, short word with decoration on top of common word).

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Yes, I meant an IA is a direction worth exploring. You've done two things with them, created a memorable mark, and also indicated infinity by using extending perspective. Maybe you could push the "perspective" concept further. Can the letters go on forever in some way? Why is the company called infinity? Their ideas stand the test of time? Their creativity has no limit? Their campaigns print oodles of cash for clients? Your logo will never illustrate these concepts sufficiently (only they can deliver on this promise), but the answers may inform your solution as you look for a metaphor or direction.

right down to the illustrative/mythical first name followed by a regular household, slightly mundane word with a -ing suffix. Interesting.
Looking forward to seeing the solution for your next client: Badass Plumbing :-)

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Alright, here's an idea, and before you say anything, I know it looks horrible, there's no real form to the lettering, no contrast, mismatched termini, bad kerning, and who knows if Univers is a good match at this early stage, but... first time doing custom script with my new Wacom. Biggest question in my mind: is this a concept worth pursuing and perfecting?

Bear in mind, this is my first time doing something freeform like this. In the past it's always been about altering fonts slightly, getting tricky with the pathfinder, et cetera, but this, I feel, is a very slick direction, but it's something I need to learn more of.

I want to exaggerate the loops on the I and Y a little more so that the eye connects them. There's a buttload of refinement needed for this concept if I go for it. Needs so much contrast and stroke work...

EDIT: Ah, very good observation, Randy. Have to admit that I did not even mean to go for a "perspective" with those points. Now you have me thinking "warp speed" and stuff. And as far as what the client intends with "Infinity"... you know, that was never disclosed in the brief. Realizing that the ball is very much in my court.

Since it's so relatively new and their first project is still being produced, I'm not sure if I can give away anything about this company. But I can say that it's brand new and it aims to be a contender in NYC. I think I suggested that it be an umbrella company, tying together different firms and divisions devoted to different sorts of advertising. And I know the loop is soooo obvious, but the idea of making connections (between consumers and businesses) prevailed in my mind, yet advertising is a never-ending process (thus the loops in my concepts have ends that never meet, but look as if they are about to).

Conceptualizing a meaning behind the name, now. This is getting very interesting.

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I'm not sure about the last one you posted. Don't you think advertising is too small compared to infinity? Keep in mind when you resize it for business cards.

I think you have a good flow going and the script could have potential. Although, right now it reminds me of something you would see on a dishwasher for some reason. You can always show them and if they don't like it, they don't like it.

Keep posting your progress yo yo playa'.

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Too true, good sir. It's a little too script-y and playful. Guess I've just been too eager to design such script... the next thing I post up here will express what I already excel at (minimalism).

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1, 2 and 3 are my favorites. on the first one, maybe the first stroke on the A could go below the text and form an infinity symbol?


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Script could be ok, depends on the company. You almost have an ambigram going there... which if it was effortlessly read either way, could be interesting. I wouldn't go there unless it didn't even look like an ambigram until further notice.

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