favorite letter "z"

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Anyone have a favorite Z? I'm looking for one that is full of character. Would love to see some great examples…

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What feeling are you after... decorative, informal, script, retro, elegant??

Here is a custom "zZ" link to over 8000 'decorative' fonts on MyFonts. Change the keyword to refine your search.

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Oh crap Victor... what was his name?


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That would be Sergeant Garcia, my favorite character on the old Zorro TV show. When all the other soldiers were tearing around chasing Zorro, they'd find Sergeant Garcia in the back room with a big mug of wine and a senorita on his knee.

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Thank you... it has been decades since I have seen the show. It would have driven me crazy.

I often wondered if they based the Sgt. Shultz character in Hogan's Heroes on Sgt. Garcia.


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