Type that compliments Frutiger?

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hi all,

im working on a brochure for a national ferry company and have been playing around with layouts with the theme of maritme/maps in mind. i still have to nail it but the experiments are quite fun!

anyways ive chosen frutiger for body text as i think it is clean, simple and clear, but im struggling with the headlines/sub heads.

can anyone suggest san serif that would be a nice compliment to frutiger?

thanx in advance.

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just tried lucinda typewrite which seems to be in keeping with the map theme.

more suggestions from everyone would be very appreciated :)

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Frutiger Serif formerly known as Meridien.

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ooo that looks pretty cool! unfortunately i dont have it in my collection and cant afford to purchase it. i quite like lucinda tho what do u think?

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Can’t imagine Lucida Typewriter together with Frutiger without seeing it. Lucida Serif however should do the job.

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