SEEKING writings on Post-modern typography

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I am posting this to ask if anybody knows of any resent essays and writings on Post-Modern typography. I have recently read Cult of the Ugly which is brilliant but would love to find some more up-to-date writings.

Thank you very much Jake.

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Any discussion on postmodernism that constrains itself to one genre, such as typography, is undeniably conservative and consequently could not have been postmodern to begin with.

My tentative suggestion is to take more general theories of postmodernism, throw them into a metaphorical blender along with the history of typographic rules, and take a close look at whatever spills out.

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Read Dan Friedman's "Radical Modernism"


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Thanks guys, i have radical Modernism sitting infront of me!

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Have you read the essays "Zombie Modernism," by Jeffery (or Mr.) Keedy, and "Fellow Readers," by Robin Kinross?

The first is available in the latest Emigre retrospective, Emigre 70, or in Texts on Type. The second is available in Unjustified texts: perspectives on typography.

The Emigre book also contains an article on Cranbrook Academy of Art, another source of postmodern design and typography.

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Although it may be true that for something to claim it is post-modern it is by definition, no longer post-modern—you might want to check out Rick Poynor's "No more Rules: Graphic Design and Post Modernism". It is the most recent and comprehensive survey of how post-modernism and graphic design (Including typography) relate to each other.

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