Help finding these two fonts

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Does anybody know what these two fonts are?


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See FAQ #2: You should use a descriptive title for your posting.

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I often see requests that people "use descriptive titles."

I have two problems with this. First, a lot of the font ID requests are from people who are new to the site and they don't know the rules. Second, as intuitive as it feels to veteran typophiles, using descriptive titles isn't at the forefront of everyone's minds. Thankfully was designed well and is highly usable. So there's really no need to visit a FAQ section before submitting one's rookie forum post.

Why not post a note at the top of the Type ID Board? Is the plan to try to educate people one at a time after the fact?

Sorry, but pointing out the FAQ on descriptive titles often comes across as a way to shame or embarrass people. My personal opinion: Learn to live with the fact that people won't use descriptive titles. OR, make the request to use descriptive titles more prominent.

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I’m tired of explaining why using descriptive titles is necessary to make things easier for us type-IDers (and ID-seekers using the search). But I can assure you, we don’t ask for this to embarrass people or to make them feel stupid.

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I completely understand the reason for the request. I'm not saying it's purposely done to embarrass people. Just saying it can come across that way, especially to new Typophiles.

My point is that it could help everyone if it was made more apparent that descriptive ID's were recommended.

Perhaps in (or near) the "Subject" input field there could be some text like: "Using descriptive subject titles will help the Typophile community efficiently search for your post in the future."

Might reduce the rate of carpal tunnel syndrome for typophiles. ;)

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1) The netiquette demands to first visit the FAQ. On every forum.

2) We don't want to embarass people by referring to the FAQ. It just is a way to avoid »Stuff happens« or »Type ID«.

3) And finally identifying type isn't always done in 15 seconds. Sometimes it needs hours and days. And how to find a thread, when each title is called »Type ID please«?

EDIT: Oops, sorry dind't refresh. Yes, it would be helpful if there would be a sticky at every new topic which tells about the basic things …

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I'm in favor of any idea that helps new users follow the rules.

On top of that maybe we should just add another rule for type-IDers to ignore ID requests without a descriptive title?

Renko is right... some type IDs take a ton of time and it seems only a small group attempt to help others in this regard. I'm personally getting tired of all the leeches who create a new account only to request an ID without bothering to read the forum rules, identify it first on their own or overview where they've specifically searched. More frustrating are those who are never heard from again after getting what they want.

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