Arbonne Christmas Font

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Can anybody identify the font used at the bottom for 'our finest gifts etc' or is it a special Arbonne font?

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I think it is custom lettering, even though those two 's' shapes look very close. The lettering style could be Sudtipos (Koziupa/Paul) or TypeSetit (Rob Leuschke), to name sources that also produce fonts, but of course, many artists could have done the lettering.

- Mike Yanega

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I should also have included Jukebox Fonts (Jason Walcott) at Veer, but looking at fonts from all three, the Sudtipos designs seem more similar.

Lesser known sources perhaps could be Art and Sign (Signfonts), SignDNA, and Letterhead Fonts, all of which use the work of talented lettering artists to produce a collection of fonts.

- Mike Yanega

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I rather tend towards thinking it's a font; i, r and n are quite similar too (the ft is obviously a ligature). Andreas

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I also think it’s a font.
Otherwise this wouldn’t have happened:

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Nice find Kris!


It looks like the designer murdered the kerning on the letters Jan pointed out. Ouch!

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Since when has Christmas been known as 'Holiday' in the UK?

I could go into a rant, but can't be bothered.

Nick Cooke

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Just caught this. It is my font, but I don't know how or why they butchered the setting. Besides the "ne" colliding, the s was enlarged and the t is floating in the air for no reason.

Hurts to see this!

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