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1 April 2002

San Francisco, CA - In an unprecedented move today, Microsoft has formally announced the acquisition of internet property Typophile ( as part of it's .type integration package.

"We plan to own the online typography space," commented Dan Simons, "and acquiring Typophile was a move we've had on the boards for over a year now."

"There are several other typography sites that we have our eye on, " Simons continued, "and we're currently negotiating with Lines & Splines,, and a few others we can't mention right now. But let's just say that if Jonathan Hoefler hadn't grabbed the domain name eight years ago, we could have saved a lot of money."

As part of the deal, Microsoft acquired all assets associated with Typophile, including the highly popular Typophile Forums, which feature over 120 original typefaces that Microsoft plans to bundle with their next release of Microsoft Windows XP™

Although financial details of the transaction are undisclosed, Typophile founders Jared Benson and Joseph Pemberton were last seen switching over to PCs and purchasing homes in the Bay Area.

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M John, if may I ask, you confuse me? What did you mean?


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...can't wait for the fat royalty checks.

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BIG, BIG, BIG Questions to ask?

¿The new version of Windows XP?, ¿120 ORIGINAL TYPEFACES? What did you mean, exactly?

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YES! Hoorah! The thread has progressed
just as I hoped. Kudos, Jared.


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Let's remember what day today is, everyone.

Of course, it's the anniversary of Microsoft's acquisition of Apple Computers, Inc., right?


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There is no Jane Bonders in the Microsoft address book. There is a Dan Simon, but he works in the cryptography group, not typography.

Apart from that please keep up the good work!

Cheers, Si

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Maybe it's an anagram.

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Hm, coincidental?

Simon Daniels, Dan Simons.

But what about the DZ from the dictation line? That's had me stumped since the original post.

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What can I tell you. I ran out of steam.

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I'm still waiting for the call, ever the optimist :) I've already bookmarked the money on plane tickets to toronto and a Ti PowerBook...

David (

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This one, I cannot belief my eye!


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Heh heh heh!

You had me goin' there for about 20 seconds.

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