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I'm looking for some help in identifying the text on a t-shirt that reads BADA BING! I am also trying desparately to find the silhouette on the t-shirt as well. I'd give my soul for this silhouette.



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Peignot is close, and maybe Dogma too.
But the "G" is funky.

Jill, don't offer your soul around here - we'll take it, and send it to Kerning Purgatory.


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Well the G is the only real clue as to an indicator.

You might find a similar silhouette in some of Paleale's image fonts. But isn't that the very same silhouette you see on all those semi-truck mud guards?

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yes, its the same silhouette as on mud guards, car air fresheners, etc..I even went to tatoo parlors in hopes to find it and can't find it anywhere.

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Tattoo parlor! Yikes, someone would actually have that tattooed! Bada Bing maybe!

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Reminds me of a face I saw in a FontHaus catalogue long ago, a bit reminiscent of Dogma Bold, if my memory serves me well.

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near the bottom of the page is your girl


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That is awesome!! Thanks so much. That is the closest I've seen. Can't wait to show my customer.

Thanks again

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You guys are awesome. With Geralds "girl" and Yves "Dogma", this job is done!!! Whooooo Hooooo.

Thanks guys

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This one is really, really tough, Jill. I'll buy lunch for
anyone who can get it. Here's a bigger GIF.

As for the silhouette, maybe the lady in this set will do.

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the 'real' logo has a special mark on the B letters. and by that i mean 'tits'

i couldnt find a larger image

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