Similar fonts to Maniackers 232MKSD Round Light

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Hi all,

I'm looking for fonts similar to :

232MKSD Round Light

Its for a military interface for a game set a decade or two in the future. 232MKSD has the right kind of aesthetic but I'm open to completely different suggestions.

Plus's :

Its compressed (always useful for game interfaces). The bowls are vertical, c, e etc. Its legible at small sizes and has large open counters. The stroke weight is even so it will reproduce well on screen.


Needs to be a slightly heavier weight. It is rounded which is too friendly for a military theme. I would like to try a more angular version like a condensed :


Thanks in advance for any suggestions, this site is such a great resource for type.

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Maybe too rounded: Isonorm, Din condensed. Maybe have a look at for ideas too?

You saw that the 232D font has three weights, right?

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That's funny, I tried DIN condensed :)

Isonorm is a bit rounded and doesn't really have the modern graphic feel I'm looking for. I found another font that was interesting on a leaflet, I'm going to post it to the Type ID board for identification, could be a contender.


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Strange it hasn't come up yet, how about United from Tal Leming, available from House Ind.

Military lettering inspired? √
Oodles of widths and weights? √
Comes in Sans and Serif? √
Yes but does it have a Stencil version? √ of course dude!
Is the Dollar cheap at the moment? √ is it ever!


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Have you looked at any of the fonts from Identikal on

These three come to mind after reading your brief.
45 Degrees

You could also try searching on MyFonts for Miltary and Futuristic.

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Thanks all, those are excellent recommendations. CreativeNRG, your recommendations are all spot on though I didn't shortlist any because I think they would be a little less legible at the smaller sizes, it will get compressed a lot and the quality really deteriorates in game. United is a very good contender but I have a complaint about House Industries site, its virtually impossible to sample fonts so makes it really difficult to evaluate against those from which have excellent sampling options.

For your interest I think we've narrowed it to Quantico, Jillican, Milibus, CA Monodon, Coupe and Baksheesh from, Blender Pro from Gestalten and United from House Industries. They're mostly condensed, octagonal and I think they have a military geometric aesthetic.

Thanks again everyone.

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> its virtually impossible to sample fonts so makes it really difficult to evaluate

it is? have you seen the lettersetter?


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Yes, unless I'm mistaken you can set one or two words against a picture background only. Virtually useless to me compared to I can't even set the exact size unless I'm missing something.

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yes, that's true.

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