Design & Indesign setup for a coaching drills pdf

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I created a document to start cataloging all of the drills I may use in practice for my own reference and to spread knowledge to better the sport of water polo. I would love most of all tips for setting up my file in Adobe In Design to make this process easier as well as general tips on my design and layout and typography.

Here is the pdf:

I can also post up the indesign files if someone can give me tips on setting up my files.


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lots to comb through but something that stands out immediately is the forced justification, it makes the text too airy and with the sans serif font and depth of information *pardon the pun* it makes it hard to read and digest.

also consider limiting the use of the // as a separator, try the bullet instead • alt 0149 on pc, option 8 on mac.

also i think some clever and occasional usage of line drawings or illustrations could spruce up the layout and break it up so it doesn't seem so type-dense. also the thick line above the side headers makes the page feel heavy to the left. try to extend a thinner line, 2 pt across or halfway at least over the top of the first line of the section.

the whole document looks a bit like a resume so some subtle character and 'breaking up the boxes' so to speak will go a long way.

also to change it slightly ... how about some historical nuggets or waterpolo records as inset callout boxes like you'd see a pull quote in a magazine formatted.

thanks for sharing it with us and good luck.

In the spirit of unbridled creativity,

Troy Vera
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Awesome, Thank you Troy!

I will try it without forced justification, bullets, and a 2 pt separator. I plan on adding line drawings and rewriting most of the drills for the layman as well as including a glossary. That is a good idea about the quotes!

This is only 1 part of a larger document wherein I include fundamental concepts of the sport,team plays, coaching philosophies, etc.

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