Applying templates to all InDesign pages.

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Hello all—

I'm attempting to apply templates that I downloaded from I didn't realize how temperamental it was going to be with me!

The documents, found here , are straightforward enough; they consist of grids and guidelines. The problem is applying that single page in the InDesign file to the entire document. If I create new pages, with some templates, nothing is replicated from the original. In other templates, only certain elements are replicated. For example: for the 6 column, 8.5x11, the baseline and vertical column guides duplicate themselves, but the horizontal guides do not.

What's up? Is there a step I'm missing in the application of templates?

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I think you have to apply the templates and guides to the 'master' pages. Then when you make a new page, you can base it off of a master. You can control this stuff in the Pages palette. You may have to fiddle with the options and stuff (like make a guideline 'global') to get the guidelines to be visible on all of the pages.

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weinziet, the horizontal guides are still not being recognized. It's really rather strange.

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Maybe it's a view setting, or a document compatibility issue. It's hard to say without looking at it in person.

Couldn't you just re-create the horizontal guides?

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