Adding stroke to glyphs in FL5?

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There is a font that we are using for all of a clients communications. It is a very thin hairline, so has been used with a fine stroke added to increase thickness.

I now want to recreate this font with the increased thickness so others can use it without needing to add the stroke. Is there any easy way to adjust the font in FL5?

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, you can get the same effect using the "Bold" action. (Tools > Action... > Effects > Bold)

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Is this design part of a family? If so you might be able to commission the designer to interpolate a slightly heavier version for you, which would provide better results than bolding the design.

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Thanks for the quick replies.

Is there much different between creating an expanded path of 4 units and using the bold effect set to 4 units?

@ James - if there was time and budget I'd definitely do it that way, but it's not a large job.

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You’ll probably get nearly the same thing either way.

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