My jazz trio logo - your thoughts?

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Here's a logo I've been working on...
the michael ebert trio logo
This is for my jazz trio (soprano sax, guitar, bass). It'll be metallic green and black. Please let me know what you think! Thanks in advance!
(Here's a ~7MB .mp3, if anyone's interested.)

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The black instrument looks more like a clarinet than a soprano sax. The choice of type doesn't say "jazz" to me, at least not the "non-modern" way you sound.
The instrument in the middle is also a bit confusing /distracting.

In finnish "ME 3" would read like "US 3" :-)

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Either show a soprano sax, guitar and bass or make it clear its the Michael Ebert (Soprano Sax) led trio. I have the Frank Sinatra with Red Norvo Quientet Live in Australia 11959 CD. Red Norvo didn't need a logo, I don't think you do either.

Do you know WBGO 88.3 FM out of Newark, NJ? The best Jazz Station in the east coast of the US.

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Hey Michael

i agree that for a jazz trio you shouldn't think on a logo. I think a typographic solution is the best. I am thinking on puting ME above the horizontal of the 3, and also i an wondering how it would look with the M3, flipping horizontaly the 3.

nice song ;-), i like the variations on the 1:03 min


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Thanks for the helpful advice, folks! I'm going to keep toying with this.

(The logo is for gig posters & flyers, incidentally.)

I'll post any further amendments when I can.


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