Design blogs?

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Just curious your favorites and which ones you check a lot.

I like these two -

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The only two blogs I'm subscribed to on Google reader that are "design" but not necessarily typography are:

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I apologize for all the sites, but I just couldn't help myself. It's a serious problem that I'm really trying to come to terms with. I'm currently a product designer but formally trained as a graphic designer.

Product Design: Check out the links section The forums are where I spend a lot of time


Packaging Design:

General Design Interests:

I have 25 illustration sites, too. They range from Michael Schwab, Jon Lund, Jeff Foster, Laura Smith, Mark Simonson, Gerard Huerta, Michael Doret etc. etc. etc. These folks can flat out illustrate.

Like I said, it is a sickness.

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Another good one from the folks at UnderConsideration is FPO (

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How do people keep up with all these, even with RSS feeds I get overburdened. I pretty much stopped all my RSS feeds except a few that post news once every blue moon.

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> How do people keep up with all these, even with RSS feeds I get overburdened.

Yes, I do have them in RSS. But I don't always read everything. Either I let posts built up for a while and go through them when I feel like it, or if I don't feel like it I just press 'mark all as read'. ;)

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>How do people keep up with all these, even with RSS feeds I get overburdened.

I literally devote at least 30-45 min each day to look at sites. It is part of my daily work flow, mostly for trend monitoring, but when I see relevant articles, I will read them. After a while, you can scan sites quite quickly and pass on the stuff that doesn't interest/apply to what you are after.

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I mainly use Twitter for all of my information gathering and feeds. Many sites now send their updates through it, and many individual designers that I follow also share links to really awesome stuff. I usually take 30 minutes to an hour a day just following links from my Twitter feed.

But besides that, I usually just check out and... that's the only one I regularly check manually. Hm. Twitter has really spoiled me.

I also highly recommend checking out the Featured Websites on Cargo Collective — amazing source of inspiration, all of the featured sites are the portfolios of designers, illustrators, photographers (et cetera) that are updated frequently when they finish new projects. There's also real nice finds like and in there, which are more or less art blogs.

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I love this blog of Andy Chen's. He wrote of his internship at Pentagram and now is off on other ventures. His writing is honest.


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