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Hello all,

Would love a few comments, critiques, and criticisms regarding this stationary and logo design. Included is a business card (front and back), letterhead, and envelope. Would love to hear anything you have to say, good or bad. Thanks!

A quick note about the company. It is a photography group specializing in couples, weddings, engagements, and other "people" photography (for instance, seniors and babies). I didn't want to make the colors too feminine or masculine, so I tried to incorporate elements of both to make it appealing to both sexes.

edit: attached alt version

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I don't think the symbol works well with the name. I see hearts and that it forms a flower but what does it stand for? Considering the name of the company, I think it would be great to make something creative but relevant.

Also, there seems to be a lot of different fonts going on. You have a script, serif and sans. I don't mind the script alone but not with the serif underneath, at least not that one.

I don't think the black suites the identity. I would like to see some yellow-orange in there. Try livening it up. Make it fresh looking. When I read the company name, I want to feel refreshed or happy.

Although, this is all just my opinion.

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Well, I think the name inherently sounds feminine, so that may be a loosing battle. :)

I agree, the colors are a bit awkward. Also, I've had bad luck trying to print solid black, unless it's printed as a spot color. It feels heavy and serious with that amount of black. Give the yellow and orange a shot, muted maybe, like a mustard color.

I would also suggest picking just two of the typefaces as well.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the suggestions. I've attached an alt version with some color and font tinkering..Logo remains the same (not sure for the time being, or permanently..we'll see!)

Joe Kunin | Photographer

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I disagree, strongly, that black is "heavy and serious" but; it is hard to print well. Have you tried a brown background, perhaps even with a scratchy linen texture? It might help unify the inky script text with the logo. Maybe even a charcoal gray like this might work?

I wonder if you have a scale problem that creates the lack of unity, not the color? The logo is so big compared to the company name, it looks like it could crush it. Which is confusing, since it looks so light and gossamer. It looks as if it should float, not double as a wrecking ball.

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Joe, its good,

maybe check the widths in the font used for 'ray of sunshine' caps are a bit heavy compared to the rest.

flower could be simplified, maybe lose the secondary level and stick to solid colours rather than lens'.

if you're happy pick and choose the advice, if you're not sure dont be afraid to start over

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I do like the colors better in your alt PDF. The charcoal works for me too. Alaskan has a good point about the scale; perhaps that's what was making it look heavy to me.

The logo reads much less like a flower when the pink is absent.

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The flower was the result of an accident rather than any intention heh. I agree Alaskan, the charcoal does ad a nice touch, though I'm not feeling the texture to much. I'll play with the concept. Thanks!
Joe Kunin | Photographer

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I've attached another variation (on a dark theme) taking into account the size of the logo in relation to the text, increasing legibility of the text (too small once printed), and shifting a few things around. This one has bleed so appears slightly larger.
Joe Kunin | Photographer

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Why not attach your new versions in your new posts? It gets really confusing otherwise. I've never understood why some people do this - is it a browser issue? Can't you add images in your new posts?

Think of it like this; when a brand new visitor reads your top post, they see all three revisions. Then, all the comments that follow have to be correlated to the proper version -- but those comments happened before the new versions appeared, BUT, a new reader can't know that before they read down to the very last post? Confusion!

Furthermore, the longer a thread gets, the more frustrating it becomes to scroll up and down to figure out what the heck people are talking about. :)

Or, maybe, I spend too much time reading threads on Typophile and I need to get out of the house?


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Comments on "StationaryAlt2-1.pdf:

The colors are better and the scale is better, but it looks as if you've given little thought to how the logo relates to the logotype. On the business card it's in one place, and on the stationary it has a totally different relationship, and on the envelope; yet another. Find an arrangement that works and stick with it across the board; anything less looks sloppy.

Oh, and getting rid of the pink was a big improvement -- maybe the blue of "photography" can match one of the shades in the flower?

All your running text is suffocating. Track it out to increase readability, and check to make sure your kerning is set to optical - right now, it all looks awkward, but that could be just the tracking? It could also be the painful buzz of bright white on a dark color; try giving the text just a touch of light gray to calm it down.

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Hey Alaskan,

As for attaching to each post, I've attempted, but (and I may well be missing something!) I cant seem to figure out how to attach documents to new comment. Does "Insert Image" function much in the same way as attach does, in the mother post?

I agree completely with the tracking, it is way too tight. This is currently at the top of my list of necessary improvements. Also, I see what you mean with the logo relationship, and agree with you in that regard… also on the list!

Joe Kunin | Photographer

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Yes, "insert image" works the same way as "attach" does but it embeds the images in the post (like mine above.) I suppose that's the source of confusion, eh? But; PDF files are not permitted with the "insert image" link, so that probably causes people with PDF files to stick with the top post.

I'm not certain, but I suspect the PDF files are discouraged because the vectors are easy to extract and therefore easy to rip-off somebody else's design work? Pixels (jpegs, pngs) of letters and logos are much harder to reproduce and/or scale.


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BTW, letterhead is spelled "stationery" unless it's totally immobile ... and I thought I'd never make that mistake again after somebody once said to me "the e is for envelope."

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I was taught that it's stationAry for stAy and stationERy for papER.

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That will make it stick, thanks. ;)
Joe Kunin | Photographer

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Hi Joe,

I like the alt-design one, but feel the yellow should be used for the flower to make it look a little closer to a sun, with the blue being inverted to the background, making it a little closer to a sky.

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This may be a too-obvious/cheesy suggestion, but have you thought of using the colours of a prism/rainbow (and maybe not hearts)? That would connect with the name Ray of Sunshine since they are the colours in the light spectrum.


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