Seaside Sanitation - chunky serif

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Hi another one for you.

99% certain the "Seaside" is hand-drawn, so I'm already retracing that in Illustrator; however, I'm sure I've seen the font used for "Sanitation" somewhere before, but darned if I can place it right now. Any ideas?

Oh, and if anyone could ID "Commercial, Residential, Industrial" as well, I'd be tickled pink.

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“SANITATION” is set in squooshed™ Clarendon Bold Condensed by Bitstream. The “Commercial • Residential • Industrial” line is almost certainly Times Italic or Times New Roman Italic, though with all that ink spreading it’s hard to call (my guess is the former because of its smaller eye on the e that in this case is very nearly lost). Times also sports the bigger bullet, though these definitely have been enlarged.

Good Luck!
William Leverette

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That did the trick. Thanks!

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