Order of glyphs in adobe menu

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I exported an OTF font and the glyphs are showing up in weird order in the glyphs window in Illustrator. I was sorting them by unicode before exporting but obviously I'm missing a step. Any ideas?


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Try changing the view (of the font window) to 'index mode' before you generate.

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That worked. Thanks :)

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No problem, my pleasure. :)

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You can do pretty useful things with re-ordering glyphs. One might think the Unicode order would be most useful, but since InDesign (for example) can order glyphs by Unicode order or by Glyph ID (which would be your custom order), you can group "similar" glpyhs together. Minion Pro uses that; in Unicode order, Greek and Latin Extended characters are scattered all along the glyphs window, whereas in GID/CID order they are nicely grouped together.

I used this trick in my own phonetic font to group all variants of a's, all b's, etc. together. I'm not ashamed to confess I put the open o 'ɔ' next to the c, the sybilant l 'ʎ' next to 'y', and the short a 'ʌ' next to 'v' -- that's where I would look for these! (As I am not a trained linguist; I see rotated characters instead.)

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