Condensed Grotesque "Beats!"

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Could anyone help me with this one?



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Hmmm... Haven't got an exact match, but I don't know if you've already checked stuff like Compacta or Helvetica Compressed. Those are the most obvious of course, there are quite a few more.

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It's a bit more off, but this is a real knock-out.

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I really liked Knockout. That will work.
Thanks for the tip.

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You'd better be. This is the raw expression or rock'n'roll unchained. Imagine this very sight times four, accompanied by ripping guitar riffs, a thumping bass and thunderous drum rolls. Wickid!

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Yves, I think your picture is working very well now... :-)


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Looks like any ol generic Gothic Condensed woodtype junk to me. And I'd guess original. Not often easy to identify specifically as many of the specimens from the various 19th c. American manufacturers were destroyed as Hamilton took them over. But I'd assume this was printed in England?

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Knockout is great. Typophile uses it all over this site.

Here are some other ultra condensed grots:

Bureau Grotesque
Grotesque MT Extra

Yves - I liked your old pic better. Now I'm really frightened.

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