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Hey guys, was wondering your thoughts on a résumé redesign.

I'd love to hear if you think the Knockout and ITC Slimbach work well together. I chose Slimbach because I felt its narrower width worked well with Knockout, and they seemed to have similar stroke width proportions. I'd love to hear opinions on other faces that could better serve my needs and why.

I'd also love to hear some of your thoughts on the hierarchy, whether there's too much leading and anything else you can imagine.


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I think you've nailed the fonts.

I find the hierarchy on page 2 a little confusing; your skillset needs to be more subordinate to the rest, by setting the column lower on the page or separating it, whether in a coloured block or with a line. When i first look at that page, I dont know where to look first.

I like your asterisks but dont think you need brackets as they complicate the communication.

Leading on the italic descriptions could tighten up and the point size could go down. I'd also keep all your work samples on the same side of the page, either left or right, not staggered, to improve the flow.

Otherwise good effort and good luck

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Thanks a ton geeza. Great suggestions on better visual hierarchy and bracket removal. I'll make these changes.

Thanks again!

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