Sprint Ads Sans Serif Font

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Anybody know what typeface this is, where to find it, and more importantly HOW TO GET IT?! :)

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That not Arial, is it? I don't think it is, but it's close. The forms are a bit wider and the 'a' is a tad different.

[edit] 'doh...that's Helvetica Neue Italic

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Oh, and to get it, you'd buy it from a foundry like Adobe. You might get away with just Helvetica, which is likely installed on your system already.

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"Sprint" is TheSans btw.

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Thanks. Helvetica Light Italic is a pretty close match if not a modified Helvetica type. I'm still hunting for the exact font.

I don't consider myself a typography afficiando, but I've been seeing and admiring this font on billboards everywhere! Distracting almost.

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Definitely Helvetica Light-Italic. My day is infinitely better now. Thanks!

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