Automne Semi Serif - Is it worth continuing?

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Started more than 2 years ago, not yet kerned, unbelievable!

The main inspiration was a typeface that emphasizes the Golden Section Page Rule, and the Alphabetum Romanum, I took some of the qualities displayed by Rotis Semi Serif, and Calibri.

I'd really like to continue on this project, but it seems to have many structural flaws, which means lots of reworking to do, and that kinda turns me off..

Is it worth continuing? do you have any idea to improve this typeface..???

My current hypothesis is this type has waaay to thin stem on it's lowercase and the serifs are fat and inelegant

Thanks in advance

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As a quick comment lowercase c, e and s strike me as too thin when seen side by side with their partners. However a specimen with some running text (in english, for example) would help me judge your work better.


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There it goes, this type was made back when I was young snd foolish, I'm like swinging back and forth between hate and love

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I agree with you that the stems on the lowercase are far too thin (they look a little brittle) but the caps are lovely and elegant with beautifully judged serifs.

so, maybe not a body text font yet, but I would say definitely worth continuing, I like it a lot.

one thing; the serifs on the uppercase T; they are quite different to the others??? in scale, mostly...

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you can find links to similar fonts, if you need inspiration or would like to avoid excessive similarities.

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