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Hi all -- hoping for a critique on this logo for an upcoming play. I don't have a lot of experience creating swashes, but I really felt that was the right way to go with this logo, because it's a whimsical family-oriented show that will play around the holiday season (though there's no holiday element to the show).

The first attached image is simply the logo above; the second shows the logo in use.

A note: I'm not interested in any critiques on the choice of typeface that I started from (LHF Ross). The show itself has a late-19th/early-20th century vibe, so I'm pretty comfortable with the type choice there. I would, however, like critique on any or all of the following questions:

1. At first I was going for more circular curves on the large outer loops, but they were really too large, so I went for the curves they are now to kind of pick up the trapezoidal shape of the logo in general. Are the curves too extreme? Also, is it a problem if they're not mirrored exactly left to right? (Where the curves originate and end don't match, so it seems impossible for them to be mirrors, but I'm wondering if it's a problem to be so similar and yet not exact.)

2. I know there are a couple of problem spots where one of the tails loops through and creates the top second A crossbar. If anyone has any comments about those spots I'd be happy to hear them. Even better, if you have an idea where you think the points should be to create more fluid curves in those spots, I'd love it if you'd take the jpg, circle those spots, and reupload it. I've had a devil of a time picking where the points should be in that section.

3. I know it's not really an accurate use of a swash, but I love the top R tail's creating the end of the L. From a typographer's standpoint, however, is doing that a major crime against swashes? Just curious.

4. The diamonds in the O's: too precious?

5. Anything else?


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What's with the "s"? It looks upside down and therefore is extremely distracting.


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It's in the typeface that way and is one of the reasons I chose that face. There is a more conventional alternate S in the typeface, but I love this one, especially because it echoes the unusual acrobatics of the show. I neglected to mention the show is an offbeat, wordless physical theatre piece that is inspired by vintage circus routines, among other things.

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Hi, Chesh

- It would be nice if the left large loop and the right large loop were exactly the same. They are so close that it is creating tension for me.
- I love the detail of the swash crossing into the L. Can this happen in other strategic spots?
- The spot where the tails of the RA cross needs depth. (see point 2)
- I think the UR and the RA are too loose. And the IO is too tight.
- I think the spot where the tail ends up seems anti-climatic.

These are fiddly suggestions. In general I think it works.

Ps. I like the wonky S, it adds character.

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I second the current S.

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Thanks, Tiff and Scott!

Thanks for such a detailed response, Tiff -- those all give me some things to refine. Happy to hear that I'm not as far off as I feared.

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Oh and I think the right big loop is nicer than the left one because it has a little contrast and is more sinuous.

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I totally agree with Miss Tiffany; As far as the mirrored loops on either side, I would definitely make sure that the pointy-ness of the right curve at the bottom is translated over to the left curve. The left one looks rounder/flatter than the right.

One other note: The RL Ligature has a nice attribute: the swash "overlaps" the L and there is a gap. Could you do this elsewhere? I think Miss Tiffany suggested the RA cross, or maybe even the A's own crossbar.

Nice work.


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