Looking for an Irish/Gaelic typeface

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I'm doing something for a traditional Irish band, so I'm looking for some sort of a gaelic looking typeface to set headlines in. Does anyone know of any thing that might work? Extra points if it's an Uncial face.

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Extra points if it’s an Uncial face

This one comes as both an uppercase-lowercase and an alternative uppercase-middlecase (=uncial) font:

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Andreas, what is the typeface?

Baile Atha Cliath = Dublin :), missing the accent over the A, Baile Átha Cliath

Dan has a good writeup here as well

Gaelic and/or Uncial Fonts

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what is the typeface?

You may wonder or not, it’s – Andron.
Sorry for the missing accent. The fonts do have accented letters, of course.
The image is from a type specimen I did a few years ago.

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Ciarán Ó Duibhín has a fairly complete survey of what's currently available here:

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Do you want to translate key animation names to english by saying that akira1975 will do?

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Quanta Uncial is a more contemporary design. Has some Gaelic characteristics in the alternates (lower-case provides alternate chars)
The Uncial has never been fully developed due to lack of time and uncertainty of market...

See http://alphabets.com/

If you're interested, I could set a few words for you.


http://slowprint.com/ Letterpress for Typographers!

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Do you translate them

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Do you translate the names

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Seo Tae,
please stop posting your translation requests. This thread is about Iris/Gaelic typefaces. This forum is about type and typography.
As Ken Lunde said, “there is a massive difference between 1) asking someone, or a group, to translate and/or transliterate text from one language to another as a one-time or one-off request, and 2) doing what you're doing, which clearly amounts to significant work or effort, and is thus extraordinarily unreasonable and incredibly inappropriate.”
Further attempts, here, in the other thread or anywhere else will be treated as spam, and deleted.
Thank you,

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