FontLab & Curve / Corner / Tangent Point(s)

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Is there an easy way - or simple/fast - to change a curve point to corner; tangent to corner etc etc ?

With Fog there is no problem (Menu --> Points ---> then we can change it.

How to do that with FontLab?

Thank you


FontLab is digital type design toolkit. The user guide - 716 pages - is ToolKiller. :-)

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Do a contextual click on the point (Ctrl-click on Mac, Right-click on Windows). The context menu has various options, including connection type.

You might want to pick up a copy of Leslie Cabarga's book, Learn FontLab Fast. I've been working with FontLab for a long time, and I noticed a bunch of things in there about curve/point editing that I didn't know.



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Thank you Mr. Phinney!

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You can also just double-click the point, so the shape displayed next to it is an X (instead of an O). Double-clicking toggles between smooth and sharp connections.


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By the way - how do I post a sample? Glyph Window?

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sorry to butt-in, H B M, but
how do you do this in indy?

ie converting one curve point > corner and vice versa

basic question i know, but...

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