Abbreviation in Tribute Italic

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I've been using Tribute a lot lately and found a character I didn't recognize. It's in the Italic face and is the Nr. character. I assume it's an abbreviation for "number" (like No.), but I wanted to consult with the experts.

You know what happens when people assume. Thanks for taking a look.

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"Nr." is the German equivalent of "No." in English. Tribute was designed by Frank Heine (a German). See this [Bad link].

This is the second [Bad link] font feature I've seen posted about today.

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Awesome. Thanks for confirming.

I think it's a great alternate to the "No." I think "Nr." makes more sense, as there isn't an "o" in the word "number" (or nummer in the Germanic case).

Thanks again.

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Well, in Spanish the word is “número”.

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The "o" in "No." is from the ending -o in Latin numero, meaning essentially "by number".

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