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Does anyone know a good way to convert
larger font familes (& smaller)from Mac PS1
to both PC TT & PC PS1 ?

Right now I'm using Fontlabs TransType 2.0.2 & it works
vey well for some of my PC font testers, but others
get irregularities in spacing, and some characters that
look good on screen won't print.

Anyone have some advice? Maybe a step by step solution?

I'm so tired of this- it's a hassle to always have to test everything
several times on a PC's before releasing a typeface.

best regards

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This doesn't help much, but I've heard from good
sources that there's no quick easy way. TransType
is the best batch convertor available, but it still
leaves a lot of metrics out.

I think you gotta regenerate in FontLab or FOG.
But I'm not sure of the steps because I'm all
talk and very little walk.


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Well, I know how to convert (at least in Fog & it usually works, but it's the long time I hate & the fact that I can't check the fonts myself. I work on a mac & even though i've bought Virtual PC to be able to check the fonts on the PC I get confussed since I find the Windows system so unlogic.

I guess what I'm really looking for is
step-by-step tutorial or just a few sentences on
what setting to use to generate a perfect Latin type family. And to be sure that it will work once

Anyone got an idea?


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You just lost me by using "perfect".


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Well, what I ment was"perfect" in that sense that the metrics are intact & the family is kept togeether.

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Peter, i found out, the best way to convert a font from Mac to PC is finding a friendly typefoundry like Fountain, force them to distribute your fonts and leave a very friendly swede with the problem of conversion by only giving him the fog files :-)

hihi, sorry, but i just had to post this!

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hahahaha :-D
thank you Simon that solves everything.

I know how to convert

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Okay, so i'm running WinXP FLab6 (just for background info) I'm wondering how best to create font files for Mac. Have the bugs mentioned in this thread been worked out of Transtype? Can I create Mac Versions of Win fonts all on my PC using Transtype? How come I can't just export Mac versions of fonts from FontLab?

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