Thinking of making a font for an exotic script

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I've long been fascinated by exotic scripts, and have spent more than my fair share of time browsing my Daniels and Bright, and looking through Unicode code charts.

So now I'm thinking it might be a fun project to do a real font for one. The purpose of this post is to explore whether anyone out there is wishing for a font for an underserved script. What I'd most like to do is something like Jim Rimmer's Canadian Syllabics, applying a calligraphic style where previous fonts are much cruder. I was also reminded by the recent thread on Georgian fonts, although it looks like there are beautiful fonts available.

Some of the scripts that look appealing to me include Phags-pa (for which I have some rare early 20th Century French samples), Osmanya, Tifinagh, Burmese script, or maybe one of the Phillipine scripts such as Hanunoo.

Is there anyone out there desperately wishing for such a font? Maybe considering producing a book in it? I'd likely make it available under a free license, so it could be included in Linux distributions among other things.

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I have tried to make an Osmanya font with a calligraphic style many times and have failed. I have tried using extenders and other styles from other scripts. None of the styles I have come up with works. I would like to have a nice free Osmanya font as most are very crude.

Also, if you know, can you show me how to make a new keyboard layout for Linux? I'm tired of using gnome character map to write Osmanya.

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