(x) Paul van Dillen

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But i can't find them. If you know them please let me know.

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Skip one weight: it actually is Minion Semibold italic, with Minion Italic Display Swash caps if I read the weight right. Ugh, what's wrong with using the proper weight?

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Though Stephen is a thoroughly nice bloke, I like it that he's asleep when I'm working. Thanks to time zones, I get to play in his playground for nine hours without having to rush like a madman to get my ID up. =D

Hey, now that I think of it, this place is pretty kewl. We can provide 24 hours type-ID service. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Which is exactly why he's moving to Sweden: to obliterate his competition with a direct southward blitz!


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Now you've got me worried... (gulp)

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Is easy: Minion Bold Italic with Swash Caps Semi Bold Italic (a very odd choice of weight combination IMHO the caps look skinny).

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