Untitled Roman Serif

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This is my first time creating a serif. Any critique is welcome.

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It looks like some of the widths could be evened out a bit. AEHLST look a bit narrow. Check your stroke widths too — the hairlines on F and K are quite different weights. The descender on J is quite weak. The spine of S could be more smooth and sloped.

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Thank you Ben, for your feedback.

I have adressed the widths and altered the spine of the S, added some bulk to the tail of the J and made some changes to the weights of some diagonal strokes.

new pdf

Just to add; the feeling I'm going for is more classic than contemporary.

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New PDF is up with the following changes:

  • S terminals more like that of C and G
  • Lightened the top of the A
  • Removed serif from right leg of the R, like on K
  • Made the D look less like an I with a belly

Again, any feedback is welcome.

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The S and G feel unbalanced to me; the top terminals need to be moved slightly to the left. The top terminal of the C might benefit from a tiny leftward nudge, too. The A feels a bit narrow to me, but maybe others would disagree.

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Updated pdf:

  • Top terminals on S, C and G moved a bit inwards
  • Moved the waist of the S up a bit
  • More changes to the D
  • New Q (although an improvement, still not sure on this)
  • Made the A wider, but fear it has become too light(?)
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I like it!

One small comment: the top of the C and G look like they have a flattened region. Compare with the top of the O and Q which look nicely rounded.

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Thanks! Yes you're right about the C & G, it may have been caused by the adjustments of the terminals I did, thank you for pointing it out.

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Good work. To me the bowl of the R is too big, too similar to the P. It could be a bit smaller, between the B and the P. Also the stem of the U does'nt seems vertical and the curve could be a bit wider. Also, I think the A should be wider. Keep going.

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Thanks for the feedback, André. I'll keep working on it.

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G needs more refinement The upper serif isn't flowing nicely from the stem
should it be more like the S. But looking better and better

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