To kern or not to kern?

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This is Minion Pro Bold Small Caps.
What is your opinion on kerning between letters R A P?
Should it be kerned or not?


p.s. couldn't find topic with this kind of subject. If it exists, sorry for reposting!

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To track or not to track?

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Kerning: horizontal space adjustment between two glyphs. Part of the typeface design.
Tracking: horizontal space adjustments during typesetting. Not part of the typeface design.

IMHO the problem is rather the narrow space between H and I.

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What I meant to say (but did not) is that the need for kerning is the result of the loose tracking.

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djipster -- Don't be afraid of decreasing the space in R A P.

paragraph -- If there were no tracking applied to the word, the A would stand out even more. Tracking, in so far, has a positive effect rather than a negative one. Unfortunately it didn't help much in this case.

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Quite right, Karsten, another slack posting of mine. Without the loose tracking, there would be very little one could do.

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If you are on InDesign this could be helpful:

There is a link for a ready to go script for Minion, I recall. Look for it.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Thanks everyone...

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