Mac OS X system fonts question

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Hi! I have a question to Mac OS X users: if I clean install my computer with the latest version of OS X and then want to rebuild my own system of how the fonts are located on my hard drive, then which of the fonts installed by the System are safe to remove?

As I understand, Lucida Grande, for example, is pretty essential to keep things running, but there is definitely quite an amount of fonts not necessary. Does anybody know, which are OK to remove and without which the System/and the software will not work correctly? Maybe there's a link to some handy guide on this issue, I didn't find any myself... :-(

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I am sure this will answer at least some of your questions.

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Thanks for the feedback. Language options definitely reduce a bunch of fonts installed. Creativepro story explains the whole fonts system, but does not tell about which ones are OK to remove. I guess it's just trial and error, then. Wish me luck! :-)

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I believe you can deactivate a good number of them by
disabling some of the language options.

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there's a guide at about managing fonts fro creative Professionals.

It gives more details about which fonts are needed and how to remove/re place certain fonts.

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