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Many fonts are posted here, but only a few ones stay in mind, your 10 choices are wellcome here.


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Dear hairless dog, ;-)
I think Joseph means fonts posted in the Critique forum here.

I don't know about a full Top-10...
To me Ballpoint is foremost... which reminds me I still owe Jacques feedback on it. :-/


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Wassup with the deathly silence on this?


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too many to choose from.
but working on it.

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Hey Isaac, your photo is kinda spooky... Just now when I saw it I momentarily felt
like rushing for my US Naturalization Certificate and yelling out "Wait, I'm Christian!"


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yous betta run...

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i feel like i'm cheating a lot of good designs by
picking just a few out. i don't have time to look
at everything, and, unlike most of you, i need to
sleep. add the fact that i'm a total novice and
have to stare for hours to understand anything,
i just get overwhelmed.
but... how about four:

pill gothic rocks
factory comrades, factory
review beta. so quirky, so cool

i've seen so much other great stuff in other categories.
anyone care to educate/enlighten me?

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The reason we can't sleep is because of your photos...


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Okay Hrant, here you go, but since I like an awful lot of type, and its extremely difficult to pick ten out of all of those, mine are the top five or six an old printer dude might have picked up in lot and then never minded dumping into the can:

Souvenir, neat word huh?

Cooper Black (best selling face of its time period), looks good in pastels.

Helvetica, especially on the T-shirt (in Garamond).

Wedding Text/Old English (out of respect).

Cheltenham (looks good in metal at about 120pt, nice chunk of lead).

Century Schoolbook, Jesus.

It has been a long day...

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Yeah, I can tell: this thread is about the best faces from the Typophile Critique Forum... :-)


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Kinky Kowgirls
Pico Sans
Severed Mannerism

ones I remember as really special

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Ones that stick out in my mind:

Stencil Fraktur
Uncial Slab
and Patria

(in no particular order)


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sorry hhp, will be more attentive next time


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What does everyone think of Arrival?? I posted it in the critique>sanserif board in August 2002 and haven't heard anything for 6 months! Is it boring? Is it a waste of time? Do you like it? Let me know, O.K.? Cheers.

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Sitting in our archives, waiting for your perusal,
is this Top 10 Favorites thread from 2001.

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-Top ten critique forums fonts!!!

3.-Obra, etc.......

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DTL Fleischmann
Univers BQ
Akzidenz Grotesk BQ
Bulmer MT / Storm?s John Baskerville
Officina Sans & his Serif sister
Thesis (Sans/Mix/Serif)

voila, in no particular order
& maybe a bit boring,

this evolves over time, of course, so maybe I'll post another list tomorrow :-)


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