My first typography from Buenos Aires

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i can express my comments in spanish better and i think that you would understand them better to.

Me gusta mucho, creo que la "e" se ve muy contaminada con el gesto terminal pero me gusta. En cuanto a la g, yo dejaria el ojo de abajo abierto.

Me gustan mucho tu "f", la ligadura "st" y "tz" y la "j".

tambien encuentro que la "b" y la "d" se ven contra la corriente de tu tipografia, fijate en como se ve la "d" entre las dos "a".

el terminal de abajo de la "s" lo har'ia mas extenso.

me gusta mucho tu sitio web

nos vemos
CG (*L*)

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I agree that the 'e' is decorated too much. The 'e' would look better if it were a bit simpler, like the 'c' but with the stroke extended to close it.

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J'aime bien le "e"!


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Hola Mauro, bienvenido a los foros de Typophile!

La verdad es que comparto las observaciones de Cristian, aunque creo que la f y la e se alejan de las constantes formales presentes en la mayor

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The name should definitely be Quetzalcoatl :-)

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and this thread completly pass my english only brain :-(

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If the name Quetzalcoatl is taken, you can always call
it Tezcatlipoca.
[In Aztec mythology, Tezcatlipoca (the smoking mirror)
was the cunning devil-god who, by cheating, defeated
and sent into exile the great and ancient Toltec god,
Quetzalcoatl (the plumed serpent).]

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You're making me want to dig up my D&D "Dieties and Demigods"...


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Mauro, there are some very nice things happening in this design. A few comments:

The g might be a little weak, but it is hard to tell without seeing it in the middle of a word. Certainly, it looks weak at the beginning of a word.

The j is too heavy.

As others have noted, the e is probably too ornate. More to the point, the flourish is actually out-of-style with the rest of the letters, which are very direct and gestural.

The t may be a problem because it is so similar to the l. Try making it shorter? It looks good in the tz ligature, but not so good next to the l at the end of Quetzalcoatl.

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Thanks for its interesting commentaries.

When it has changes and more developed

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Coincido bastante con los primeros comentarios de Cristian, sobretodo en lo de la "e", la "b" y la "d".
tambien queria agregar que me parece muy buena la solucion "ch" supongo que eso no sera ligadura sino un caracter predefinido, me equivoco?
una cosita mas, porque estoy viendo los puntos de la "i" de la "j", como ten

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Thanks to all for its last commentaries about "adas

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Can you show us a sample including the letters g and j? Thanks.

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Thanks for your interest, John.

I wait for your sincere opinion.


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Please see the changes between three examples in the letters j, g, k, y, u, f.



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Oh, I mistook your g for a q when I first looked at the new samples (I wasn't reading the words, just scanning for letters: I know Wyoming isn't spelled with a q). So, that's a problem: your g and q are much too similar.

The weight of the j is very much improved over the first sample you sent last month.

The shortened t is definitely an improvement. Can we see a sample in which it appears next to l, e.g. 'Quetzalcoatl'?

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Thanks, John, I appreciate your comments and I working hard to adjust and complete my first typographic development.


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I would make the top part of the t even just a little bit shorter. Not too much, but just enough to really distinguish it from the ascender of the l very clearly.

The g is a real problem. I don't think you can make that left side so weak: not along the whole length at least. Try keeping the narrowing on the lower right, but strengthen the stroke again as it comes through the lower left. The transition you probably need is similar to what you have in the c. Also, you might try a version with a hook descender, but without the complete loop.

By the way, the recent change to the y is excellent: exactly what I would have recommended.

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New changes and adjustments on

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Hi Mauro,
Your typeface looks really nice, with much of character! Congratulations!

Now, let

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