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hi; i was wondering what you guys think of this logotype i created for a friend of mine who is starting up a network for artists (who are active in social change). i thought Impact designed by Geoffrey Lee would be appropriate for its strong statement and connotations of you know, solidarity and activism. btw my name is andrea, i work as a designer (with LOTS to learn still and i'm mostly self-taught, with a background in writing) but sometimes my favourite projects are the ones i do for my friends. i'm new in these forums but i'd like to say hi and that i'm completely amazed by you people and all you know; it's nice to have mentors even if it's on the internet: ) btw i notice the male pronoun is often defaulted to in here, and i wondered if anyone else noticed that or has comments.

ana logotype

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the logo is specifically for business cards right now; the budget is small so i'm going to try to find a b&w and red photocopier to reproduce them on; the back of the card reads "Creating a space for artists engaged in social change" (+ contact info). thanks!!


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I think Impact has good weight, but it's too commonly used, so it makes it harder to be memorable.

Maybe this is one place a unicase font (like Emigre likes to make) would be good?

> the male pronoun is often defaulted to in here

Common practice, pretty much everywhere. :-(
Although some languages don't have such an issue.


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I agree with the other comments here.

Not to be a spaz, but I wonder if there's some "networking" visual stuff you could do with the horizontal and vertical strokes of the characters. You know, like make them weave together or something.

Oh yeah, I alkso agree about Impact. Most usages make me violently ill, but strangely, yours did not. Still, it's best to avoid typefaces that are on every computer in the world.

One other idea I had was, I wonder if something more grungy would be in order? More protesty? Like the logo was created with a spraypaint stencil or something.

Good luck...

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You could always reverse the N for that Russian anti-establishment perestroika protest look (or whatever). :-)


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thanks for your comments. john: i also thought stencil would be good but my client had stencil associations that couldn't be overcome.. paul: hm wasn't there a thread in here about logos and bandnames with backwards letters or did i read that somewhere else? as you can see i've switched to antique olive, UC and tried to use the words to form a platform... (?)


ps. gender-specific pronouns aren't unavoidable in english, but oh well maybe you'll grow out of it;) & don't hate me b/c i'm a nuisance

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Olive is kinda appropriate, since its stroke contrast in reversed! Get it? :-)

BTW, you might want to remove the trapping from those acute angles (the ones in "A" and the two in "N").


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q. helvetica and olive are at the bar. olive's had a few too many and makes a pass at helvetica. helvetica's going through something and only wanted the company. what does helvetica say to olive?

a. whoa olive, you're just a little too x-heighted for me.

(haha, go easy, i just made that up on the spot: )

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Hrant speaks troof.

But Impact for the "ANA" is just fine. I like it. I think you
could avoid appearing amateur if you use something
cleaner for the lowercase stuff at the top and one
color for the small type would make the whole mark
less busy. Let the big letters do the talking.

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Looks much better, Andrea. Very strong.

I have stencil associations that can't be overcome.
That's gunna be my new signature.

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