Life magazine 1935 > 1970 for free, ads included

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maybe that was posted before:

Google scanned (in a very decent resolution) EVERY page of EVERY issue of Life Magazine, fom 1935 to the seventies, and made it available for free online. The advertisements especially are a typographic treasure.


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Thanks for the link!

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You should've posted a warning. Those brain surgery pics were quite a shock.

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As I paged through the early-60s issues, enjoying the examples Mad Men-era print advertising, I was particularly pleased to happen upon Bert Cooper himself on page 9 of the March 16, 1962 issue.

(Honestly, it takes very little to make me happy sometimes.)

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Wow, what a treasure.

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Now you will be able to do further analysis of Cooper Black usage :-)

Typographically, the resolution isn't that great.
Same thing with the Bodoni Manuale on CD.

I guess that's a limitation of PDF format, in that they don't want to make the files too big for downloading.

I wonder what the original scanning res was.

But it's better than Microfiche!

Next, it would be cool to be able to flag metadata, such as design credits and of course typeface information.

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@nick - did you try zooming in? i found the res quite good even blown up on my 24 inch iMac.

you guys may also be interested in this post on the FontFeed from Yves, which I inadvertanly had a hand in :-)

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