Looking for Stone Informal alternative for yoga book

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Hi All,

We're doing an illustrated book of yoga exercises which will have more photos than type. A previous book in the genre used Stone Informal but they want to replace that with something else that's different but the same, the usual story.

So I think I'm looking for something that might be somewhere between a serif and a sans or perhaps a particularly lively sans font that's not one of the usual suspects.

Any thoughts/directions/suggestions gratefully accepted.


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Sumner Stone has numerous typefaces that might work.

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> particularly lively sans font that’s not one of the usual suspects.

Nothing like Stone Informal, but you might consider Beorcana. I think it would work well with the subject.

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... or Cronos.

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What do you think about Dancer Serif (shares some of the "schoolbook attributes")?
Check also Dancer Sans.

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