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I'm an undergrad student at a school which I greatly enjoy. However, I was wondering what some people thought were some of the better school's typographically. There's obvious ones like CalArts, Cranbrook and Yale, but I was wondering if anyone had other schools in mind. I won't mention the school I attend, just so it doesn't seem bias in some way. I'm planning on going to grad school in a few years and I really want a school with a strong typography program. I'm really interested to see what people think of the educators out there.

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The only one that's impressed me
is the one at Reading, in the UK.

BTW, I wrote an informal review of a recent
type design exhibit at CalArts about their
program - it's on Lines & Splines:


There's a nice rebuttal by Lee Schulz as well.


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Im curious... have you any samples of your typographic explorations? I'd love to see some..
I mean if youre "planning" to go to grad school in a FEW years time...then you will have lots of time to sort out what kinda knowledge youre seeking. A school that springs to mind is a french one that I can't remember the name of...So unless youre an american that wanna stay in america i would look towards Europe. I belive Royal College of Art (London) has a good typography-course. Anyway, good luck with your quest...and I admire your dedication to typography as it seems from your plans.


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The name of the excellent school Sbo is referring to is:
École Estienne,
18, Bd Auguste Blanqui
75013 Paris

Tel : 01 55 43 47 47
Fax : 01 55 43 47 48

Good luck "Anonymous"!!

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