Holiday Card Crit

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1. does this work?

2. does it say holiday?


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It says more "spring" than "holiday" to me.
Also, you can try to revise the flow of the line connecting to "joy".

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Holiday is very abstract and difficult to communicate. There is nothing about the home to suggest its in a holiday season.

I concur with riccard0 that is conveys spring or family.

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Do you think just changing the colors would white paper and maybe an ice blue house or maybe change the word from joy to merry? Open to any suggestions...

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To convey "Holiday," I would remove the red berries(?) from the tree. And maybe change the tree to a light blue and make the bird red.

Because you're in Florida, your concept of winter is a little different than mine, being in Boston. While you might think of birds arriving "home" in the winter, I think of them leaving. I mentioned making the bird red because cardinals are one of the few bird species that sticks around here in the winter(or at least is active in the winter).

I also think that if you send this around the Holidays, it would have more of a Holiday feel just because of the context. If I showed you a shade of blue in the summer, you might think of the sky; but in the winter, the same shade might remind you of snow.

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Okay..thanks about this?

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Yes, you've definitely looks more wintery!

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does it look as good though? Ever look at something too long and not see it anymore? : )

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Wow, my grammer in my last post was horrible, huh? I think I meant to say "you've definitely made it look more..." but I got distracted in the middle of it. You got the idea though.

For what it's worth, I liked the composition in your first iteration better.

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Okay sch2525,

I think maybe I have got it...what do you think? Just need to select colors.

Are the words saying the right thing?


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sorry - wrong thread

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Now I'm afraid that the style of the tree doesn't match the birdhouse/bird. The tree is too "realistic" and intricate, whereas the birdhouse is bolder, more abstract and primitive (in a good way).

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go with the original

it says christmas to me and the colours are great

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I also prefer the first one, but perhaps you can make ‘joy’ larger - it is overwhelmed currently. Would help both compositionally and on a communication level, and also make it more festive. To that same end - the swirling of the ribbon can be a lot more involved.

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if you're conveying holidays, its almost necessary to throw snow in there somewhere... thats the one element i find to be really missing. spring, though, works.

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