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This is a mutation of two heavy weight display
faces (I'll let you guess what they were).

Fire away!

bodolive.swf (11.7 k)

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bodoni vs antique olive... interesting.

well, i may not like dead history, but i think
this is nice. just try to rework "a", "g", "s"
and perhaps make "t" taller.

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Wild. I like it.

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I'm on WinXP and I just installed the Flash6 player for both NS4.72 and IE5, but neither will display the link... Could there be a problem with the new Typophile's delivery of Flash to Windows?


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The file has a .unk extension.
I wonder if this is some sort of bug with the web uploader used by Typophile... Flash should be .swf, otherwise Windows users will get a "file download" dialogue.

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I'm on a Mac, IE 5.1. I exported the file in Flash 3
format and it's showing up as a .swf in my
browser, so there may indeed be a problem
with the uploads...

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Let's try this..

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OK, it works now... Thanks.

I normally hate this kind of thing, but for some reason this one has some appeal. Maybe because the collage isn't so literal, there's a lot of "noise", which makes it more cynical, less hyprocritical.


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I usually like this kind of thing (really, it's fun how me and Hrant get along so well!) but I appreciate it mostly when the surgeon's work does not show. The earliest example, besides Dead History, was Fudoni by Max Kisman.
As Paul Shaw has written in an essay for my "Letters" book (coming out before the end of the world), in Fudoni the letters were not collaged but "smashed together".
Bodolive does a similar thing and the result is not unpleasant, in my opinion.

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Looking at the uppercase B alone I think it's a good start. Then I look at the other characters and think they're too messy - the lowercase d, for example. I would take the B and start from there, don't just merge the two and say that's that.

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