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I have used @font-face in a web page using BPdots-Squares (from backpacker.gr) and noticed something weird. The typeface is OTF and has a set of stylistic alternates for several greek characters (using ss01, salt, tilt and liga open type features to generate them). So, the weird thing is that while various browsers (namely, IE, Opera, Chrome and Safari) ignore the stylistic alternates (as it was expected), Mozilla doesn't (as shown in the example below):



Mozilla (as you can see characters μ, ρ, φ, θ, β and γ are different - all of them are characters that belong to the stylistic alternates set)

Can anyone explain why this might be happening?

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If those alternates are coded to kick in in certain contexts (ex: when followed by a certain glyph), the will do so in any OT savvy program. Firefox is the only browser that support OT as far as I know.

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Thank god I always use Firefox.

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Thank you sii. I think I understand what is happening now.

George Triantafyllakos - backpacker.gr

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