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I love typography and designing on a I would like to get some feedback on a playful 'new media' display typeface called Geek Gothic. I am working on an extended character set.

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This is fun, F-U-N. Some small suggestions:

1 - On some glyphs (B,D,F) the black backing
takes the form of a shadow while on others
(A,C,E) there is no break in form, creating a 3D
shape. I would seek consistency. Personally, I
prefer the 3D, because it requires more time and
perfection of craft, but perhaps that wasn't the
direction you wanted to go.

2 - Is there a version without the shadow?

3 - How about adding alternates with enclosed
counters that aren't filled?


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hello Bj, congratilations for this funny typography. I also would like to ask why you have the counter empty on l/c ( ABDOPQR )on your positive version. I think that make few contrast betten the rest of the caracthers ( suggestion ).
Good work and welcome with this great idea. Do have more versions or weights?

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Thanks for the feeback Stephen and Ricardo. Stephen, I like your suggestion to make consistent the shadows on A,C,E. I think I will revise those. Yes, there is a version without the shadows. This originally was named Meek Gothic. The idea was to have a playful font that could never hurt anyone - no angles or points or serifs, just lazy curves. And no dark shadows. But plain, it was TOO MEEK. I changed the name b/c I liked the alliteration of Geek Gothic and the shadows made it no longer meek. I am working on alternates. Because there is only one case, I am filling in with the opposite case (the A, E, etc.) Also, letters that have quirks (the phallic I, the cross J, the one-armed Y) will have 'normal' alternates.

I'll also use unfilled counters as alternates, good suggestion Stephen!

thank you. I'll post some more stuff later this week.

bj harvey

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Let the critique begin...

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