(x) Knights of the Old Republic

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Stupid me forgot to put this in my other post.


I am looking for the font used on "Republic"

Thanks once again!

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These type-ID's sometimes suspiciously look like quick-drawing contests in the Old West. For a moment there, I had a vision of Cheshiredave spiralling, then stumbling to the ground, his pistol dangling from his hand.

I think that's why Stephen wears a hat, so the setting desert sun doesn't blind him.

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That is exactly what happened. Of course, then there's that id in the latin casual thread that was started today. Nearly two hours of procrastination gone from my life forever, and I still can't find that damned font. I don't even want to go into that thread anymore.

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You know, I have to admit, sometimes I just give up. There's work to be done.

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