(x) The Godfather Font?

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There's a poorly done imitation of it here. But I'm sure there must be a real version out there somewhere.

Even though they're definitely not the same, the Godfather font shares a lot of characteristics with the original "Star Trek" titles, though, don't you think?

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A close match is Fiorello. Obviously you will have to make some changes.

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The counters in horizon are square, whereas, the counter in fiorello are not.


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Fiorello is it. Horizon is the "Star Trek" font I mentioned previously. Plus, for what it's worth, Fiorello has an Italian name, strengthening the Mafia connection.

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A company called Novel Font Corp. had a pretty decent
rendition called Rublof. Most of their fonts, though,
were knockoffs. So there must be an original that's close.
Sadly, I can't find Novel Fonts on the web.

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I think it's handdrawn, but I could be wrong.

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