Same lettering says two different words

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My friend made this.

It says "Bubbles lie" in calligraphy and "Calligraphy lies" in bubbles.

1. What's this type of thing called called?
2. Where can I find other examples of this?
3. Are there any resources on technique in creating these?

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It's not an ambigram; it can be read as two different words without changing the viewpoint.

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Perceptual shift ambigram?

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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From the linked page (Ambigram types):
Perceptual shift (also called an oscillation)
A design with no symmetry but can be read as two different words depending on how the curves of the letters are interpreted.

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Oh, sorry, I should have read that closer.

It's fun that the name is so long.

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