new font for SWANKGLOSSY magazine.

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i am working to find a substitute font for swankglossy fashion magazine. The font that i want to substitute is Bodoni.

The font is similar to Didot,and most fashion magazine use this font such as ELLE, VOGUE, BAZAAR, etc. I`m trying to find something new, fresh, elegant yet still has a sense of fashion in it.

I would really appreciate any thoughtful feedback you are willing to share. Please ask any questions you need answered in order to respond.


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What will the typeface is going to be used for, headlines or body texts?
PS: Greetings from Surabaya, Indonesia. :-)

Is that your own custom typeface, Frank?

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Heroine Pro is made for these kind of things.

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If it's for titles, you might want to look at these:
More sharp and extravagant: FF Pitu!
Softer, with varying degrees of swirliness: Narziss
It would be good to know what kind of "feel" you're after.

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Yes it it, but it’s not completely finished yet. I feel bad about this self promoting, so here’s something else you might want to check out: Didot Elder.

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SangBleu BP or Didot BP ?

Didot Elder is a good choice too

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I'd like to suggest Gareth Hague's Perla (a swirly Didot).

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There’s thousand of designs that could suit fashion. Tell us a bit more about the magazine! Who reads it? What tone do you want it to have?

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I think the "History" system could offer you a lot of flavour.

Check also Irma, Jigsaw, Klimax (same foundry)


BTW Another interesting Didone design is Ambroise.

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@ Mk2 (Jimmy): the font will be used as headline/display.
PS:salam dr Jakarta =).saya sudah add Fb mu.Btw web lo bagus.

@ Ian Party : Yes,i like SangBlue, it looks nice, i`ll take it under consideration.

@ frode: I`ve already looked at Didot Elder.Its a good font but i dislike the arrow on the "S". Swankglossy`s readers are mostly female age 20 - 30, but some Men do read them. Btw thanks for the input. PS: Yes your font looks elegant. =)

@ Poms : Dhanke, i really like the wide variation of History, i think its the best candidate for now.

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@ frode : i like the Finura.

@ altaira : thanks for the suggestion. I think Narziss seems nice.

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@ All : I would like to say thanks for every suggestion. I`m not the only designer on the team and the candidates will be reviewed together.

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I recommend JEANNE MODERNO by Steve Mehallo. See here or here

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@nora g
war mir bislang nicht bekannt, danke dafür!

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Ambroise is definitely worth a look.

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I would like to apologize to all you,because unfortunate issues (mostly financial) , the magazine closed down, and the font research was discontinued. Thanks for all you guys.

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No problem, John...

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