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I'm trying to make my first font. Apparently the only free way to make fonts is through FontForge which I'm having a hard time using. I've already designed all the basic letter in Inkscape but they always come out with the wrong spacing and wrong height. Also, when I try to save I always get errors on the letters which ruin the design. Can someone help me with this? I tried really hard.

Here is the font I'm try to make.

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Hi Koetsu,

Get FontLab and start using it:

Also get the book 'Learn FontLab Fast by Leslie Cabarga':


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Karen Cheng's book "designing type" is also a must.

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Making fonts is a long and difficult process.

I think here on Typophile you can find useful help for more specific problems.

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Karen Cheng’s book “designing type” is also a must.

A must what? Certainly not a must have.

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Briem's online tutorial is IMHO the best place to start. Letters of Credit by Walter Tracy is extremely helpful, as is Cabaraga's Learn FontLab fast. I learned a lot from Fonts & Logos by Doyald Young. Karen Cheng's book is not a must have, though it has helpful comparisons of different fonts. The most important things are to study other fonts you admire in a font drawing program, see how they work on paper and screen, and draw, draw, draw.

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But I have the letters done. I just need to make it into a usable file. I'll try FontLab.

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Or get TypeTool instead. It's a lot less daunting -- and cheaper -- than FontLab, especially for someone making their first font.

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I can't use these, unfortunately. I don't have any income. I can't purchase software for one font. This is actually the only font I need to make. Seems like too much of a hassle to get it and make the font and it isn't worth it.

If anyone wants to make it, by all means go ahead. I can't spend so much time on this anymore.

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sounds like a plan.


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