display pairing for Berkeley Oldstyle?

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Designing an earth science book for grades 6-8. Berkeley Oldstyle for text is a must, as is Metaplus bold for captions and sidebars. What I can play with are the chapter heads and drop caps. Suggestions are more than welcome.

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I hope someone else is editing this textbook. You spelled Berkeley two different ways, both of them missing an e.

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Sorry. Too many long days and late nights. I picked up the name from the style guide they provided to me--I should have double-checked it before posting.

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Meta Serif?

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I'd use just use LTC Californian or Californian FB; two more "authentic" cuts of Berkeley.

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Berkeley Oldstyle is a pretty good display face.
It was used a lot in the 1980s for that, set tight.

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Thank you all for your recommendations. They'll definitely be helpful in steering me in the right direction.

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